I'm a Strategic Storyteller who turns your personal story into a powerful call to action.

I believe that every person has a story that can change the world. Throughout my career as a content creator for companies (Airbnb), campaigns (Obama 2012), causes (Idealist.org,) and cable (Bravo, Discovery, A&E,) I’ve had the honor of helping hundreds of regular people use their stories to make a difference. People like Mary. 

I meet Mary in her tranquil and lush backyard garden in Sydney, Australia. She tells me that when her husband passed away a few years ago, she was lonely in their large, empty home. Then she decided to become an Airbnb host, and now her rooms are filled with guests from around the world. Mary tells me how hosting helps her reconnect with the world, meet new people, and supplement her pension with a little extra income. We’re all happy-crying a little by the end of our interview. 

I make Mary’s story the centerpiece of our marketing campaign to build support for fair home sharing regulation in New South Wales. Her story captivates audiences on TV, beams out of ads in the subway, and racks up likes all over social media. We call Mary the “Beyoncé of Sydney” because her ads have a significant, measurable impact on the positive attitudes towards the Airbnb community. Mary is even invited to Parliament to share her story directly with the Ministers deciding on the new laws. 

Mary did not set out to become an advocate for home sharing, but because we gave her a targeted platform to share her experience, Mary gave voice to an entire community and drove real change. 

That is the essence of the strategic storytelling that I specialize in - pairing emotional personal stories like Mary’s with a clear call to action to drive meaningful results. 

So I will leave you with this - what is your story and how can you use it to advance something that you're passionate about? 

Don’t know where to start? Let me help.


Email: LizMorrisonMedia@gmail.com