We created this series of videos to promote certain features and model user behavior. By showcasing real people using Idealist we also get to highlight some of their impactful work while showing the viewers great ways to get the most out of Idealist. By adding in annotated links around a direct call to action, we’ve been able to show that a meaningful percentage of viewers actually take action after watching the video.


For almost 20 years, Idealist has helped connect people and organizations who want to make a difference.


Idealist is an incredibly versatile site, but many of our users don’t know about all the useful features at their disposal. This series aims to educate our users about the ways they can get the most out of Idealist. Instead of taking a conventional approach, we wanted these videos to be conversational and fun while also providing clear and helpful information. Ultimately, these videos have been very successful in influencing user behavior.


The Idealist Network is a global movement to close the gap between intention and action, spread good ideas, and connect people to organizations and resources. The ultimate goal is to increase positive action across the world. This is a huge initiative for Idealist, so the video team was tasked with producing a global live stream launch plus tons of support materials. As the network grows, we will continue to document the successes and challenges, profile do-gooders from around the world, and highlight impactful work happening around the world.


Every fall, Idealist hosts a series of graduate school fairs across the countries. We were tasked with creating supplemental video content that could serve the twofold goal of promoting the fairs while also providing useful information.