Obama 2012


The Dinner with Barack contest  was one of the biggest fundraising projects of the campaign. Supporters who donated as little as $1 were entered to win a chance to have a meal with the President. As part of the promotion for the contest (and the accompanying huge fundraising push) the video team was tasked with documenting these intimate dinners to create short, inspiring recap videos that would encourage more people to give.

Producing these videos required me to organize complex filming logistics (including working with the Secret Service to ensure the safety of the President while he was in the restaurant), a cheerleader-like spirit to pump up the wonderful winners, and a keen eye towards messaging in the edit. Ultimately, being a fly on the wall for these rich and uncensored conversations with President Obama were some of my favorite moments on the campaign.


Many notable celebrities donated their time to support President Obama, and I was assigned to produce many of these projects. I had to pitch concepts for these videos based on target demographics and necessary messaging, coordinate logistics with the celebrities and the campaign, manage the shoots with the high profile starts, and work with editors to craft the videos into short and effective pieces. In the end, these celebrity based videos were some of the most watched and shared videos of the campaign.


We sought to humanize the big issues by telling personal stories. From finding real people around the country who were positively effected by President Obama’s policies to crafting stories that people could relate to, these videos resonated deeply with our supporter base.


In an effort to engage with younger voters, my team crafted a live stream pre and post-show hosted by Kal Penn for the final night of the Democratic National Convention. The pre-show was a star studded hour where celebrities stopped by our set for a variety of segments based around the major issues of the campaign. After President Obama formally accepted the nomination, we came back with a more politics driven post-show featuring Caroline Kennedy, Senator Tammy Baldwin, and San Antonio Mayor Julián Castro. I helped craft and produce a handful of the segments, wrangle the celebrity and political talent, and help assist the production in any way needed. The week threw us a pretty big curveball when less than 24 hours before we went live, they decided to switch venues due to the possibility of severe thunderstorms. Somehow we pulled this off without a hitch and I am so proud of this show!